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Related post: Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 23:26:47 EDT From: SpankThoseButzaol.com Subject: "RICHARD BUCKET" cp toplist sex (PART 7)OFFICIAL toplist anal DISCLAIMER: This story is FICTION based upon FICTIONAL characters. "KUA" is incest free toplist a BBC production and is written nudist photos toplist and directed by Harold Snoad. OK, readers, illegal girls toplist it seems that, from the e-mails I have recieved, that"dishy Vicar" has quite a male following, so, here again, is that "dishy Vicar".......about to go on a wild erotic ride with his good friend, the dapper Richard Bucket......UNZIP ANDENJOY!! This Saturday morning, that dishy Vicar sexy kds toplist pedaled away on toplist kds sex his stationary bicycle in x teen toplist 3d his study, his hairy, muscular legs a blur as he pumped madly on the pedals. Though he still wore his clerical shirt and collar, he was wearing a tight pair of shorts, as he usually did while exercising. 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The Vicar's rough hand squeezed Richard's cock tighter, and pumped it like it was notomorrow. It was TOO much for Richard Bucket. "OHHH..OOHHLORD,VICAR..OHHMYYY...OOHHGODDD..YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!" Richard felt his aching nuts boil over, and his throbbing cock exploded in the toplist dark collection Vicar's fist. Wad after wad of sticky corporate cum sprayed out webcam toplist girl of Richard's toplist preeteen cock, flooding his sweaty itty clitty toplist boxers, completely soaking through the material. The Vicar, meanwhile, was still small tits toplist shooting, and his hot load was oozing around toplist sexy his thick tool as it dribbled out of Richard's overstuffed arsehole and down into his shorts to the back of his hairyballs. 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"Well, Vicar, to tell the truth, Hyacinth is gone for the weekend, too....she went up to her sister Violet's country cottage." "JOLLY GOOD, RICHARD!" the Vicar replied, grabbing Richard's firm arse through his pinstriped suit pants. toplist illegal teen sex THE END!! Hope you guys enjoyed!! Comments and feedback are always welcome!
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